Who is behind NOISE-STOP®

Noise Stop is an idea developed and patented by ITG SRL

ITG SRL is a family-run company that, since 1977, has been working in the technical industry.
It is thanks to the intuition of the founders of ITG Srl, Giovanni and Samuele Paparo, the result of their many years of experience in the field of public administrations, that Noise-stop® has been born.

Why Noise-Stop®?

Noise-stop® has a precise objective: to help solve the problem of noisy roads, caused mainly by the tilting of manholes and storm drains subjected to vehicle traffic.
Turning to public administrations, maintenance and construction companies, and also to private individuals, Noise-stop®, has so far solved the problem of noise, positioning itself in Italy and abroad as an effective urban soundproofer.

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You can always improve!

This is our motto that has accompanied and guided our company for three generations.
We look to the future with great enthusiasm, ready to face every new challenge offering always cutting-edge and effective solutions.

With Noise-stop®, we have set ourselves the ambitious goal of solving noise pollution and improving the living environment of citizens around the world.

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