Medium Noise serie

Serie 20-D400

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MEDIUM NOISE is the series indicated for soundproofing manhole covers placed in any urban and extra-urban road and subjected to a medium and high daily traffic of vehicles and trucks. Here the defect between frame and cover to be compensated is more marked, as well as their deformation.


For which types of manholes is the Medium Noise series suitable?

It is suitable for the D400 Manhole Class.
They are manholes or storm drains with medium tilting, even new installation, or with medium wear, whose thickness between the frame and the cover is less than 2 mm.
The Medium Noise Series is suitable for square, rectangular, triangular and clove manholes, floor grids.

Additional information

Dimensions60 × 120 × 180 mm



Box of 24 pieces (6 kit of 4 pieces), Kit of 6 pieces


2 mm

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