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If you’re here, it’s because there’s a loud manhole that’s making your life impossible.


Try NOISE-STOP®: the only product made of special rubber, which reduces the noise caused by the tilting of manholes and storm drains. Suitable for any shape, it helps to compensate for defects between lids and frames, reducing the annoying noise that both produce for the stress of traffic that flows over them.


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NOISE-STOP® is available in three variants, for each type of manholes

Each NOISE-STOP® kit consists of three series. They adapt to the different wear and traffic conditions in which the manholes or storm drains are placed. Designed to resolve noise from the most residential areas to those of the most intense traffic.
In addition, thanks to its versatile shape, Noise-Stop warn. can be applied to all round, square or triangular manholes or manholes.


Choose the variant that best suits the characteristics and dimensions of the noisy manhole.


How NOISE-STOP® works

When a vehicle passes over a manhole cover, it most often causes the annoying metallic noise well known as kling-klong.
This noise is due to the contact of the two main parts of the manhole: the frame and the cover.

NOISE-STOP® is the solution: each kit consists of at least 4 units that, once applied between the cover and the manhole frame or storm drain, compensate for the shimming between the two parts, effectively reducing noise.


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I was stunned in how the placement took such few minutes and the efficacy of the noise reduction was immediate. I am really glad to have choose this product!

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I received the product and installed it and indeed there was a significant reduction of noise ?. One of the drain covers was a little bit bent and looser on its frame than the other drain covers, so I used more than just four gaskets and also fastened it to its neighbors with cable ties. Overall the noise level is much lower and less noticeable than before and I’m very happy to have purchased this product!

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I was struggling since years for that noise! I bought the ITG NOISESTOP, It takes few days to receive it, and DONE! Thanks to the accuracy in assistance I followed the ITG instruction (easy video ever seen!), fast and simple to place! Now I can finally sleep! No more NOISY MANHOLE! Thanks Guys for this invention!

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Who we are

Noise Stop is an idea developed and patented by ITG SRL, a company born in the design and manufacture of elastomer-based gaskets and specialized in liquid silicone technology.
This solution was created to meet the need to alleviate the common problem of noise pollution, both in the city and in the suburbs.
A unique invention, which has resulted in a patented system that really helps to have a quieter life.

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